Making Your First Apartment Presentable

Moving out for the first time is scary and exciting. If you’re moving out of your parents’ home or your shared space with roommates into your own place, there are certain things you need to know. Firstly, you’re an adult now, so you need some interior design. You can get quotes from luxury interior design companies and find something that fits your budget. Obviously if you’re moving out at eighteen and you’re student this isn’t always a viable option, but if you have a nice job you can afford to invest in good interior design.

If you lived with your parents or really nice roommates, your place always magically seemed to be clean and in order. This will not occur when you live on your own. You’ll need to have a cleaning schedule. Some people prefer to assign specific tasks or rooms for specific days, but if your weekdays are always busy, you can do a full clean during the weekend. Make sure you clean everything at least once a week though, to make sure that it doesn’t get too bad. This doesn’t include spring cleaning, obviously, but more surface stuff like sweeping, mopping dusting and so on.

Dishes should be washed at least once a day however. Leaving them for longer could cause health hazards and they’ll only become worse to wash the longer you wait. A good trick is to fill a basin with warm water and dish washing liquid and put all the things you use in there to soak after you’ve used them. This way, the food won’t crust onto the plates and utensils and no vermin will be attracted. Let it soak for at most an hour though, otherwise the water will turn completely cold.