How to Minimize Your Air Conditioning Bill

Are rising cooling costs hurting your wallet? Put an end to the woes with these tips designed to help you minimize your air conditioning bill. Anyone can use these tips and come out ahead. When you can save a substantial amount of money like you can when you put these tips to use, isn’t it worth the effort?

Change the Filters

You should change your home AC filters at least once every three months for best results. In between changes, be sure that you clean them and remove dirt and debris. Dirty filters block the flow of air while also causing increased work to provide cool air. This causes added strain on your unit, as well as added expense to your energy costs.

Maintain the Ducts

The ducts and vent work inside your home must be properly maintained if you want to keep cooling costs at a minimum. Maintaining the ducts and the vent work is as easy as adding insulation to the attic and crawlspaces, and other areas in the home that are without A/C.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

Proper use of your ceiling fan can help you cool the house down substantially while also minimizing the work that your air conditioner is expected to provide. During the summer months, keep your unit on rotating clockwise to circulate the cool air throughout each room of the home.

Call the Professional

If you notice problems with the air conditioning unit, whether it is water pools built around it or it is not cooling properly, phone a professional for repair at once. Delaying repairs will only increase the amount of damage and the monies needed to repair the unit. Until that time, your delaying the repair of the unit will increase the costs of cooling the home.