Decorate Your Garden With Recycled Items!

All over the internet and in your own city, there are hundreds of ideas of how to decorate your garden or yard. If you’re looking for backyard ideas in Monaca PA or on Pinterest, you’ll find some great ones.

And, we have a few good ideas, too. Take a look.

  • Use old tree trunk pieces as planters. All you have to do is cut them to size and then hollow them out. Then, put soil inside. Not only will they have a beautiful rustic look, but they are also biodegradable – much better than plastic.
  • You can decorate your backyard with old PVC pipes. Drill large holes along the whole length of the PVC pipe. Then, bloc the ends off. You can fill it with dirt and flower seeds. You can then hang the pipe up or mount it on an outdoor wall.
  • Use old tires as planters! You can either place a board in the bottom and then fill it with soil and plants, or you can paint it. You can layer them, use different sizes – the possibilities are endless. You can cut a pretty pattern into it, or even mount them on a wall and fill the bottom with dirt for hanging planters.
  • Look for old toys that you have at home, for example a toy dump truck. If you can fill it with dirt, you can use it in the garden. You’ve probably already seen a funny photo of someone who used an old toilet or bathtub in the garden. And, why not?
  • Old milk containers are great as planters, as well, or just as décor.
  • Save your glass beer and soda bottles. Then, you can flip them upside down and bury them, leaving a few inches above the ground to create a little wall or barrier. This serves as an interesting border around your flower bed.